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Welcome to the Free Stuff Life!

I created this blog because there is one thing I am extraordinarily good at doing; getting things for free! So, I wanted to go public and share my tips, tricks, strategies, and know-how so others can do it, too.

It saddens me to see how often people just pay more and more when the same exact thing is somewhere for free or even just cheaper. Or there’s an alternate method (that may even be better or similar) for free.

For the past 10 years, I have researched, tested, and discovered varying methods to earn money, get products and services, obtain a college-level education, and do things… all for free. I learned methods from others or discovered them on my own.

My goal is to create a comprehensive, all-inclusive guide that others can use to do the same.


Corporate giants are laughing all the way to the bank while you work away (probably for their benefit, too) just to spend that hard earned money back on them. WTF!

I feel very passionate about how bad corporate America treats the 99%. I also look at the world, technology, and tools of today and think… There’s a better way.

*Puts the soap box away*

I might expand upon this post in later days. Just an official statement about what the Free Stuff Life blog is all about. Hope you enjoy the reads and find something helpful here.

If you are interested in seeing something in particular in later posts, feel free to comment here or reach out to me directly at melissa@freestufflife.com and I would be happy to reply.

Future plans

Here is a short list of ideas I have planned to come out in this blog:

  • How to earn a passive income blogging
  • How to earn a passive income selling ebooks
  • How to earn a passive income vlogging
  • How to get ebooks free
  • How to get products for free
  • How to graphic design for free
  • How to market your business for free
  • How to bullet journal with items on hand
  • How to network for free
  • How to read otomes for free
  • How to look professional for free
  • How to learn another language for free
  • How to make presents with items on hand
  • How to be a published author for free
  • How to play games for free
  • How to coupon for free
  • How to watch TV shows for free
  • How to watch movies for free
  • How to protect and clean your PC for free
  • How to eat for free
  • How to get a college-level education for free
  • How to get internet access for free
  • How to build a website for free
  • How to earn money for free


Author: Melissa

Melissa’s passion for all things free has cultivated a frugal habit of cheating the “Man” out of millions. Her blog, freestufflife.com, is geared to inspire others to do the same.

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